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Hello, and welcome to the Glasgow LDN Conference 2009 official website.

The first European Conference on Low Dose Naltrexone was held in Glasgow University on the 25th of April 2009.

It brought together some of the world’s most prominent clinicians involved with LDN prescribing to discuss this exciting treatment for immune related disorders. The delegates came from as far away as Japan, India and South Africa, keen to learn more about LDN and its many uses.

With more than 100 delegates attending on the day, the sessions were greeted with enthusiasm, much interest, and many questions.! We video’d proceedings and also conducted various video interviews with presenters and delegates.

See the First European LDN Conference summary here, watch the first LDN Conference video interviews here, and the LDN Conference presentation videos here.

This very successful first European conference concluded with the announcement that next year’s conference will also be held in Glasgow on 23rd and 24th April 2010. It will include one day which will be purely medical/scientific and an open day similar in format to this conference.

Next year’s conference will be addressed by the author of the first paper on LDN in 1981, Prof Ian Zagon.

Dr Tom Gilhooly

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