Cheat Codes Vs. Online Poker Tools- Use Them Wisely

Cheat Codes Vs. Online Poker Tools- Use Them Wisely

The online poker tools can help you enhance your game and improve the way you play. They are useful for those players who are beginners in the poker game. These tools are of immense help for the novice players to improve their game. The online poker cheat codes may also improve your play but the only difference between the two is that the latter is illegal to use.

The online poker tool is legal by all means and no restriction is applied to its use but on the other hand, the online poker cheat codes are illegal and if used, can suspend your account and your money seized by the proper authorities.

What Are Online Poker Tools

Any device or tool that a player uses for his assistance while playing online poker is called an online poker tool. These tools are in accordance with the rules and regulations of the poker room online. A calculator or a pad comes in the ambit of an online poker tool. Mostly, poker tools are software used by the players before the start of the play, during the play or after the play. These tools help the players improve their game play and are totally legal to use.

What Are Online Poker Cheat Codes

As a layman, any software or program that when used, violates the rules and regulations of the online poker game is termed as the online poker cheat codes. There are many reputable poker rooms that display the terms and conditions as well as the banned software that are prohibited to use in the poker rooms set up by them.

What Demarcates The Cheating Line

The poker room has all the rights per se the playing room and the person agree to the terms and the conditions of the playing room. The cheating is mostly connected to three areas in poker games namely, data mining, predicting the card and automated play.

Data Mining- Data mining is the process where the program or the software stores the history or the information that can be used during or after the play. Keeping the information about the hands you have played in the game is legal and can be used for reference. However, the use of cheats to gather information for hands that you are yet to play in is illegal.
Card Prediction- Certain programs claim that they have broken the random number generator code of the poker room which is most unlikely to happen. Moreover, it is illegal to take the help of such a program.
Automated Play- Any program that plays a complete hand and the player hasn’t even clicked the button is illegal. Such programs take the players out of the circle of play and play on their own.
How Common Are Online Poker Tools And Online Poker Cheats

The online poker tools are most common with the players in the present era. And, because it is legal, there is no check on the usage of the online poker tools. There are a large number of players who use the online poker tools to their advantage.

On the other hand, the online poker cheats are dependent on the fast moving zone. There is an ongoing battle between the creators of the cheats and the poker rooms. A cheat when accomplishes recognition, makes the job of the poker room more difficult as they have to install counter measures to curb the use of cheats. Statistically speaking, there is only 1% of the total population of the players who use cheats to play the game.

The online poker players have numerous options to enhance their play. The use of tools and cheats are dependent on the choice of the players. Both are used to improve the game with the only difference that the online poker tools are legal in use whereas, the online poker cheats are illegal in use.

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