Online Casino Myth-Busters – Slots 1

Online Casino Myth-Busters – Slots 1

this series, our myth-busting team will explain why a number of common slots myths are false.

Myth: Online casinos rig their slots to line up two of the highest jackpot winning symbols but never the third to tease players into thinking they are almost winning.

Whilst there is no doubt some online casinos employ shady tactics like this one (called ‘near-miss’ programming), no respectable online casino would program their slots to do this. The main reason is they simply don’t need to. Online slots are a lot of fun, and players don’t need extra incentive to play.

We only review large and respectable online casinos here at PokerNewsCasino, and each one of


our reviewed online casinos has respectable gaming licenses from the jurisdiction they are based from. All of the respectable Gaming Commissions have banned “near-miss” programming, and if an online casino was found guilty of doing this, they would risk losing their gaming license. It simply wouldn’t be worth it.

More importantly though, is the fact that all online players should be aware of the Number 1 rule of online slots: Each and every new spin is a random event. Online slot machines don’t ‘heat’ up gradually and get closer to a big payout and it is technically possible to have two winning jackpot spins two spins in a row.

Myth: A slots jackpot would have been mine if I only had one more quarter!

Stories abound of slots players finishing play on a machine only to watch as another player immediately wins the jackpot on the next spin. These players can be forgiven for thinking they have just been desperately unlucky, but the truth is, they haven’t.

Modern slot machines use highly-evolved Random Number Generators (RNGs) which generate random numbers at a rate as high as a million numbers per second. As soon as the lever is pulled (or ‘Spin’ button online is clicked), the machine will use the most recently generated number to determine that spin’s outcome. A fraction of a second delay will produce an entirely different outcome to the spin.

Ed note: The world’s largest-ever online slot jackpot is still climbing – InterCasino’s Millionaire’s Club Jackpot has recently passed the $3,615,000 mark!

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