Online Casino Players Win Big at Kiwi Casino

Online Casino Players Win Big at Kiwi Casino

Only a few weeks after a brand new Kiwi Casino player walked away with $30,000 after his first hour of play, another new player won $6000 on only his second ever hand of 3 Card Poker. Turkish player Hadi deposited $100 to get the $100 bonus, and two hands later, was $6000 richer after hitting three-of-a-kind with a large bet on the bonus box.

Only hours later, two more lucky Kiwi Casino players won over $7000 between them playing the online Video Poker Game Jacks or Better, ensuring Kiwi Casino will have a healthy payout percentage for the month of June.

Kiwi Casino are becoming well-known for their promotions – last month they gave away a 60GB iPod with


Video Playback and two 4GB iPod Nanos to three lucky players as part of their Live Games promotion.

John from Pennsylvania was the lucky winner of the 60GB iPod and was ecstatic to win this prize, saying, “Of all the hundreds of online casinos out there, I keep coming back to Kiwi Casino because of the great support and friendly staff. Thanks for the iPod!”

Kiwi Casino management commented, “It’s this kind of personalized service and the attractive promotions we offer that keeps online casino players, both new and old, flocking to Kiwi Casino. Over the next ten days we’re giving away $500 worth of bonuses in the Kiwi Casino Playoffs promotion so you’ll be sure to hear about more lucky winners at Kiwi Casino.”

Of course, all these promotions are on top of their $300 Welcome Bonuses and $500 monthly preferred payment bonuses – Kiwi Casino is an online casino on the rise!

Ed note: Become the next new player to win big at Kiwi Casino.


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